All dancer images courtesy of Spotlight Dance Photography.

We believe that dance is a great choice for you or your children, combining physical activity with the development of coordination and the mastery of an art form. Dance instruction fosters discipline and confidence, builds team work, and improves self-image. Learning to dance is hard work, but it should be fun, so we create a relaxed atmosphere that generates camaraderie. We value the enjoyment of the process over intense practice schedules or a focus on winning. Star Steps is a safe and nurturing place where you and your children will feel challenged and motivated.


Dance Styles

There are several different genres taught at Star Steps: jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, pom, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, and clogging. 

  • Jazz uses a fluid style with accented beats and body isolation movements set to popular music.

  • Tap, a classic American dance form, uses shoes with metal attachments to produce percussive, rhythmic sounds.

  • Ballet is a form of dance set to classical music. It has powerful, flowing movements. Ballet is the classical dance form that can be mastered by itself or used as a technical base or supplement to other dance forms.

  • Pointe involves dancing “en pointe” on the tips of your toes with special pointe shoes. Ballet is required.

  • Pom emphasizes teamwork in dance routines that are athletic.

  • Hip-hop employs stylized movements set to inner city beats, and dancers often wear sneakers.

  • Lyrical emphasizes fluid movement and interpretations of music.

  • Contemporary extends the boundaries of lyrical and makes deliberate use of gravity. Floor movements are often performed.

  • Clogging utilizes rhythmic dance steps or patterns performed with special taps using heavy stamping sounds and rhythms.

Learning What and When

Dance instruction should be developmentally appropriate:

  • Ages 3-6: Improving coordination; basic dance steps in jazz, tap, and pre-ballet

  • Ages 7-9: Beginning dance techniques; continued building of strength and coordination

  • Ages 10-12: Intermediate-level technique; increased sophistication; pointe work in ballet may begin

  • Ages 13-18: Advanced technique in any genre; greater emphasis on fluidity and overall performance

  • Adult: Beginning-professional level (Even an inexperienced dancer can “catch up” with the right instruction!)

  • Our Star Babies program is for children ages 2 ½ - 6. These children learn stage presence, body coordination and control, and basic dance movement.

At Star Steps, we offer both competitive and non-competitive tracks. Many of our competitive dancers have gone on to major in dance in college, to perform in professional troupes, to do commercial work, and to become dance teachers themselves. 


A dance studio should provide adequate space and appropriate flooring, places in which to change clothes, and spots where parents can wait and watch their young dancers. The Star Steps studio is 4,000 sq. feet which includes 3 large dance rooms with professional dance flooring, observation windows, and two spacious restrooms with benches for changing clothes. We are centrally located with a convenient drop-off lane and substantial parking. 


For all ages, we use modest costumes for performances.